Training & Development


Training and development is an integral part of the human resource organization. Training is described as an endeavor aimed to improve or develop additional competency or skills in an employee on the job one currently holds in order to increase the performance or productivity. While human development takes a proactive leadership role in responding to training, performance and productivity the business needs. 


"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay." 

- Henry Ford  



Here are a few of the areas HireQuality HR Solutions offers: 

         Leadership / Supervisory 

         Sexual Harassment 

         Workplace Violence 

         Conflict Resolution 


         Stress Management 

         Communication Styles 

         OSHA / COBRA / 401k / HSAs / FMLA 

         Labor Contract / Contract Negotiations 


         Safety Compliance 

         Moral & Teambuilding Programs 

         Unemployment Claims  

         Workers' Compensation Administration 

         I-9 Compliance 

         Coaching / Counseling